6 Days Busoga Cultural Tour

Day 1: Arrival and pickup

Arrive at Entebbe international airport for your Uganda safari tour, you will be met by our representative from nungi safari Uganda who will transfer you to to your hotel. If time allows you, you will visit owino market in the evening. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Kampala

Day 2: Transfer to Jinja and source of the Nile

Transfer from Kampala to Jinja, the adventure town of Uganda for the Uganda safari tour. A stopover at mabira forest reserve for the Uganda birding tour and have a quick lunch amassing the visitor into Uganda’s traveller's lunch on the road. Thereafter, the visitors continue to Jinja passing through large plantations of tea and sugar canes.

As you enter Jinja, the visitor will get a glimpse at Njeru of which made Jinja the industrial town of Uganda. You will see the various industrial establishments including Nile breweries the first beer brewery in Uganda, picture which was the former nytlil textiles. The visitor will see the source of the river Nile on the Njeru side where a monument in commemoration of the British explorer, John Speke who is said to have the news about the origin of this mighty river to the outside world was built.

As you enter Jinja, you will cross the rivers over a historical bridge built in 1952 as the main link of the east and west linking Kenya with Rwanda, Congo and Sudan. At this very bridge, you will also be able to see the two dams, Owen falls (Kiira dam built in 1952) and Nalubaale (built-in 2004) which form the main source of hydroelectric power in Uganda

Entering Jinja, you will visit the source of the Nile River on the Jinja side and here you will have an opportunity using a boat to go right up to the very spot where the waters of river Nile emerge and make a confluence with the waters of Lake Victoria. You will also visit the Mahatma ghadi monument built by the Indian government in commemoration of ghadi ashes spread in the river Nile at this spot as per the wishes of Mahatma Ganda himself while he was still alive.

By the time you are through with this lifetime experience, it will be time to retire for the evening and relax to enjoy the serene fresh environments of Jinja at the hotel

Day 3: Visit the coronation sites

After breakfast, you will embark on your cultural activities. Since Jinja is a cultural town, your cultural expedition will begin with a visit to mpumwiire royal coronation site located only 2 km from Jinja town on Kamuli road, mpumwiire hill a lot of revelation about the deep historical-cultural bonds between the Banyoro and the basoga.

From here, you will visit Bugembe hill, the seat of the Busoga kingdom where a lot about the formation and evolution of Busoga will be discovered. Thereafter, you will proceed ascending up the igenge hill to visit the newly renovated royal Kyabazinga palace. You will not only be treated to the rare magnificent panoramic view of lake victoria from this vantage point at igenge  hill, but you will also have the rare opportunity to step in the shoes of royalty at this spectacular piece of architecture and nobility

Since Busoga’s royals have always been known for their generosity coupled with a warm welcoming gesture, the visitors to this palace will enjoy their packed lunch in the royal gardens of the palace as one among the experience the visitors to the palace can take with them home.

After lunch, you embark on the journey to Mayuge to visit bishop Hannington shrines at kyando. At kyando, the visitor will be met by the caretaker who will have the pleasure to give a full account and introduction of the significance of the place and the life of bishop Hannington at this place. You will be able to visit and relive the life that bishop Hannington lived by going to the caves that formed his “library”, “bedroom” and the stone that was his preaching pulpit. You will also have the opportunity even to drink from the blessed well that formed the source of water for this Christian patriarch of faith in Uganda. The experience of the visit to kyando can never be completed without visiting chief Luba’s palace on mawuta hill located some 2km away from kyando hill

On this Hannington trail, as you trace the life of chief lube, you will be able to visit Walumbe village in Bukaleba to see the spot that was the staging point for the slave’s en-route to Europe. You will also be able to visit the burial places of chief lube and his sons at bakomye and bukonge

Since by this time the day will be descending, you will leave for yet another exciting cultural experience with which you will wind up the day’s experience. You will proceed to the nyenda hill, located 20km from Mayuge town and 4km from Iganga town. At Nnyenda, you will relieve the experience that the British Uganda governors enjoyed whenever they visited this serene and panoramic hill. Nnyenda hill is significant in the cultural heritage of Busoga and you will be able to experience some of the traditional norms and rituals passed down from the chwezi dynasty to the current caretakers of the spiritual shrines at the hill.

You will retire for the day at the hotel in Iganga to a refreshing evening to enable you to process and record the day’s experience.

Day 4: Royal Tombs and Kagulu hike

Today you will visit more cultural sites starting with a visit to Zibondo palace in Kaliro town. Here you will be able to visit the royal tombs of two Busoga’s Kyabazinga, Chief Yowasi T.wako who died in and his son wako Muloki who reigned and died in 2007.

Thereafter, you will proceed to yet another significant cultural site in the Buyende district. This is where the 5 sons of Omukama of Bunyoro Kabalega landed and briefly settled after crossing Lake Kyoga from Bunyoro to come and find new territories in the Far East.

From here, you will now come to the exciting and adventure cultural site of Kagulu hill.   This hill has the breathtaking scenery of the entire Busoga, Teso and Lango. Rising at over 3,500ft above sea level, it’s the only hill in Uganda that has been adapted for tourist climbing. Reaching the top of the hill is unique vegetation, fauna and crater lakes giving the hilltop serene and relaxing environments of fresh air and rejuvenation.

Kagulu hill is important to the people of Busoga. It is believed that it was the first home of the founder chiefdoms that governed Busoga. The various caves, crater lakes and the mystic human footprints embedded on the rock surface at the hill will be testimony about the human life that existed there in the early centuries

In order to discover these mysteries about Kagulu, you will experience the most exciting adventure of scaling up the top of the hall. You will not only be testing your stamina, but you will also be displaying your endurance and level of mental stability and balance. It is a worthwhile experience that one should not miss unless advised so on medical grounds.

By the time you descend down from Kagulu summit, it will be time to drive to Kamuli town for a night rest

Day 5: Itanda falls and Transfer to Kampala

While this will be a short day of activities, you will depart Kamuli for Kampala using mbulamuti route and pass via itanda falls. It would not be advisable to miss experiencing the full splendour of the river Nile at itanda where the falls come at full throatily to the amazement of both the rafters and onlookers. You will have lunch by the riverside as you take your once in a time memorable pictures at the backdrop of the rumbling Nile on its mighty journey to the Mediterranean Sea. After this enchanting and memorable trip, you will be back in Kampala by evening and prepare yourself for your journey back home.

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