Food and Drinks

Uganda with its agricultural resources, combined with the conducive climate, produces a wide range of food products. Bananas, millet, maize, sorghum, rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes and cassava grow in abundance. Fruits and other vegetables are also plentiful – watermelon, passion fruits, pineapples, mangoes, tomatoes, green peppers. These can be bought from roadside stalls, Nakasero Market and the many shopping malls in the city.
Tea and coffee is readily available almost everywhere and the latest craze is coffee houses or cafes. Soda (Coke, Fanta, Sprite, bitter lemon, etc) are sold by the (glass) bottle, which are returnable and recycled. Local beer (lagers only) is as good as any international beer and there are many to choose from Bell, Club, ESB, Pilsner, Nile Special, Eagle, Castle, Guinness (all brewed in Uganda).And all these can be accessed all over the country but when you are in Kampala the capital city, you will have a lot of options where to go for food and drinks.


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