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Nungi Safaris is an East African Local company that organizes Uganda safaris in Uganda, Kenya safaris in Kenya, South Sudan Tours in South Sudan and other African tours and safaris in all the East African countries. But this article will focus more on Uganda safaris. Uganda is a Unique African Safari Destination for group Tours, private African Tours, Gorilla trekking tours or Uganda Bird watching Tours. Therefore, if you are looking to book an African Holiday and Adventure vacation, please consider Uganda safaris and Nungi safaris as your trusted travel partner. And as Nungi safaris, we are specialists in Uganda Safaris and Tours, Tours to Uganda like the Best Uganda -Rwanda Gorilla trekking Safaris, Uganda  Gorilla Tours, Uganda Birding Safaris, best of Uganda bird watching tours, and best of Uganda Cultural Tours.  As we told you before, Nungi safaris also organize trips to all the east African countries like Rwanda for the incredible Best Rwanda Safaris, Rwanda Birding Tours, best Primate Tours, and best Uganda Wildlife Safaris.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK WITH A UGANDA SAFARI TOUR

Nungi Safaris offer the best adventure tours and safaris that are spread all over East African countries. Our safari tours of wildlife and game viewing are conducted mainly in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Therefore, don’t always miss out on our best Uganda tours which are characterized by Uganda wildlife safaris, Uganda cultural tours and the best of Uganda gorilla trekking tours.

Booking an African adventure with Nungi safaris, especially for the Uganda safaris, South Sudan Tour or best of Uganda wildlife safaris is a dream come true for you. We treat our visitors with a lot of care and have in mind that if you come on an Uganda safari or trip to Uganda as a stranger, expect to go back as a family. Therefore, is always not a bad deal to explore and discover your dream adventure in Africa Nungi safaris because we are experts in all the countries we operate in and craft our itineraries based on the client’s needs and desire to see while on Uganda safari or a trip to Uganda.

As an East African travel company, we always want to listen to our guests before suggesting anything to them. Since there is plenty to offer in east Africa, We do organize safari vacations in East Africa that caters for all clients starting from Luxury travellers, solo travellers, budget travellers, group travellers or private travellers and all this is arranged in as Solo African Tours, Solo Ugandan Tours, Best Solo Uganda Safari, Best Uganda Safari Tour, best east African luxury tour, best east African group tour, best east African private tour, best east African budget tour, best Uganda luxury Tour, Best Uganda luxury safari, Best Uganda budget safari tour, best Uganda private tour, best south Sudan group tour, best south Sudan cultural group tour, best south Sudan photography tour etc. all our itineraries in all the east African countries are handled by experienced and professional people who at the back of their minds want the final consumer who is always our guests to be satisfied. CLICK HERE TO BOOK WITH A UGANDA SAFARI TOUR

Uganda Safari Tourist Attractions| Uganda tour attractions

As described by Sir Winston Church hill in 1908 “UGANDA IS GIFTED BY NATURE”, Uganda has a unique description which can’t be close to the truth  that has led to her being so popular as one of the best  East African safari travel destination because of its unique wildlife, vegetation cover and also Uganda is ranked as the most hospitable country in the whole world  which sums it up all indeed “Uganda is the pearl of Africa” therefore if you are a lover for birds, Uganda has plenty of these, Uganda also happens to host the strongest water falls in the whole Africa which are in the Murchison falls national park, and its also during the Uganda safari or trip to Uganda where you get to enjoy the Big five safaris in one place , it is also in Uganda during the Uganda safari , trip to Uganda where you get to enjoy the best Uganda gorilla trekking tours and please have it in mind that gorillas can only be seen in 3 countries which is Uganda, Rwanda, and Dr. Congo and Uganda stands out the best Gorilla trekking country because it hosts 70% of the gorilla population in the whole world; besides gorilla, a trip to Uganda will give you an opportunity to visit the primate capital of Africa for the Uganda chimpanzee trekking adventure in Kibale national park; a trip to Uganda also stands out the best because it’s in Uganda where you will visit and see the source of the longest river in the whole world which is RIVER NILE; you can engage in adrenaline activities like rafting the Nile, bungee jumping and lots more. Stories about the beauty of Uganda can never be exhausted, but all you have to do is book your next Uganda safari with Nungi safari and you get to experience all the above and more while on a trip to Uganda. Before I forget the lovers of mountains, did you know we have permanent snow on the peaks of Rwenzori Mountain? Rwenzori mountain in Uganda may not be the tallest mountain in Africa but it gives the best mountain climbing experience because of its beautiful scenery, different vegetation covers and the feel you get when you summit the highest peak which is Margherita peak and gets to experience the permanent snow, so we recommend the Uganda mountain climbing experience for you; so, get in touch with our booking agent. CLICK HERE TO BOOK WITH A UGANDA SAFARI TOUR

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“We specialize in both Tailor-Made & Customized Private East African Safaris; Covering Uganda ,Tanzania ,Rwanda Specifically but Also We Can takes you up to Burundi, Congo and Kenya If at all you are interested in visiting those destinations”


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